Research and development

Patents and research

CMT-TECH Bogdan Duszkiewicz being a development-oriented company, also conducts research and development works. Research are conducted to solve the encountered problems and to create solutions that enable or facilitate the production by machining of complex thin-walled elements.
On the basis of gained experience and the conducting of own research, technical and technological solutions have been developed and are successfully applied in own production as well as in other companies’ production, by the development of production technology along with the instrumentation according to customer expectations.

The crowning achievement of many years of research and development is the receipt of the patent for the invention "Machining clamp" under the number 232460 for the CMT-TECH Bogdan Duszkiewicz company. At present, the second stage of research is completed and has also been crowned with a patent application.
Simultaneously with the above stages, new directions of research are also conducted on new products and technologies that will ensure our company a secure and developmental future!