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CNC Machining

A few words about us

Our company deals with precise machining using well-equipped and modern, numerically controlled machines (CNC).

Many years of experience on the domestic market, and above all on foreign markets, allowed us to gradually increase the production offer and continuously develop along with improving the quality of manufactured products. This gives us a very good time-quality-price relationship for the benefit of the client.

Our advantages


Our company employs a staff of experienced and well-trained employees. This gives us the opportunity to control the production process at every stage.


Our customers are our priority. We provide professional technical support and advise in order to dispel any doubts.

Guaranteed quality

We always take care of the quality level of services and products in our company. We make sure that our products meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


We provide comprehensive metal machining services using modern CNC machines and a team of professionals.