Designing and
CAD / CAM programming

TopSolid 7 is a design software supporting machining processes such as: turning, milling etc. up to 5 axes simultaneously. Thanks to advanced functions, we are able to design even very complex elements according to the customer requirements. Thanks to the direct CAD / CAM connection, we can update the machining programs on an ongoing basis, avoiding potential errors that result from changing the article version.

Designing in CAD/CAM
CNC Machining

CNC machining

We offer milling on numerically controlled 3 and 4-axis CNC machines up to indexial 5-axis milling as well as with simultaneous machining.
Turning on numerical CNC machines with interception and driven tools connected with an automatic rod feeder.


We offer grinding of:

  • flat surfaces
  • holes
  • rollers

Grinding on a numerically controlled CNC machine
Grawerowanie laserowe

Laser engraving

Our offer also includes CNC laser engraving.
We are able to engrave any customer text on metal surfaces.
Engraving supports the identification of a specific product, e.g. burning a serial number or part number on it, and the identification of a company via an engraved manufacturer's logo or symbol. Thanks to advanced laser engraving technology, we are also able to engrave on cylindrical surfaces.