Our company deals with precise machining using well-equipped and modern, numerically controlled machines (CNC). We manufacture parts on machine tools from renowned manufacturers in the technology of machining up to 5 axes simultaneously. This guarantees the confidence in the quality of workmanship of even the most geometrically complicated elements. The most important point for us is customer satisfaction and the quality of our product, therefore we focus on development and product quality assurance. In addition to the production hall, we also have technological and construction facilities which allow us to design articles in accordance with the customer requirements and constantly tightening quality standards combined with a continuous increase in the geometric complexity of the elements.

CNC Machining

Our main goal is further development towards a technology company by means of investments in technologically advanced machining centers and development of staff qualifications in order to provide our customers with a product of better quality than expected. To meet the expectations of our customers, next year 2020, we are introducing new machining centers to our machine park:

  • - Turning and milling center for the production of complex and precise elements.
  • - High performance pallet machining center.
  • - Universal turning center with interception and Y axis

Our customers

and products we deliver them:

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